Jack is our Canine Communicator, Chief Canine Officer, and our very own Wizard of Wag!    He loves to meet and greet clients with his characteristic Wiggle & Swag.  Jack loves to travel!

We're happy to live vicariously through Jack and share his explorations, escapades, and adventures as he travels the globe, eagerly making new friends along the way. Want to travel with Jack? Send us your photos of Jack's Wags and Bags, we'd love to see the world through Jack's eyes.   Happy Tales!!

Where's Jack Going Next?

Jack went cruising to Alaska with Claudette & Mike. He is the only Dog known to have walked this glacier!!          He then joined Nan and Nancy to help serve his neighbors.


Jack turned 7 this year and noticed some gray coming into his characteristically black "Dr. Seuss Whiskers." He felt a trip to The Fountain of Youth was in order. There he met Ponce de Leone and some other friends...


Jack loves the islands! Here he is in Barbados with John and Lynn.


...sometimes Jack just has to kick back...


in St. Kitts with Nancy


Jack's a little curious about the creatures in his cruise staterooms, and you can see he had a great time Mexico, Haiti, and more with Dave and Susan. Where will Jack's tail be wagging next???


Jack needed to feel sun, not rain, on his whiskers. Here he is basking in the sun at Vanderbilt Beach, Naples Florida with Lori and Richard. On his way home, he stopped in Williamsburg, VA with Debbie and Marty. He spent a little time in the stockade, but wiggled his way into good graces before he left.