Our Facility


Resistance &  Functional Training Equipment

  • Quantum Resistance Machines
  • Resistance Bands and Tubing
  • Medicine Balls, Resistance Bars, Dumbbells
  • TRX Suspension Training
  • ReBounder Trainer
  • Plyometric Training Devices
  • BAPS, BOSU, or balance & proprioception
  • Sliding boards and Sliding discs
  • PhysioBalls


  • Treadmill: Landice Treadmill
  • Ellipticals: Lateral Elliptical: The Helix®, and Traditional Elliptical
  • Bicycles: Johnny-G ® Spinning Cycle, Schwinn AirDyne®, Schwinn Recumbent
  • Rowers: Concept 2 Rower, Water Resistance Water Rower
  • Ski Machine: Skiers’ Edge ®  Lateral Skier
  • Step Climber: VersaClimber® Step Climber

Cozy Comfort

We're located at 423 West Main Street in Cheshire, Connecticut.

Our restored, historic colonial home has been designed to promote comfort and relaxation.

Private Treatment Rooms ensure privacy and solitude for consultation and treatments.

Our gym is equipped with a full line of exercise and training devices.

We have innovative equipment and machines not found in your typical clinic, such as the Helix and Skiers' Edge!


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