What does M.P.T. stand for?        

Our business has been built upon client referrals to their families and friends. To the rest of the world, MPT represents Mrowka Physical Therapy, but to most of our clients, M.P.T. means "MY Physical Therapist."  

What makes Mrowka PT your physical therapist?

You are really the first person to figure out what was really needed to ‘truly heal’ me and because of that my mobility, strength, and quite frankly my quality of life has improved dramatically!
— Mary Jo
I met Colleen during the therapy sessions she provided my wife. I am also a physical therapist, but practice in a different setting. Colleen explained the techniques she was using, and took extra time to teach me how to replicate the procedures at home. This helped expedite my wife’s recovery. Colleen is a great therapist, mentor, and friend. I highly recommend her.
— Nagendra, BPT, MSHS
You handle your clients with concern and compassion and yet never lose your focus on his/her individual ailment. The genuine caring that is exhibited sets your facility apart from others.
— Suzanne
Being dependent on others as the result of an injury is a humbling experience. your capable hands and caring heart helped me through a difficult time and got me back my life.
— Kelly, Team USA
You have made such a difference in my daily life and given me the tools necessary to maintain my pain-free status. I also want to thank you for your compassion and care. You always gave me your attention, I never felt rushed, and you were interested in me, and what mattered in my life!
— Wendy
It is an understatement to say that I feel much better. It’s an improved quality of life!
— Ralph, 89 years young
You have made such a difference in my daily life and given me the tools to maintain my pain-free status...I also want to thank you for your compassion and care. You, unlike others, take the time it requires to get results. I never felt rushed, you always gave me your attention and tried different things to find what worked for me...you were interested in me as a person...”
— Wendy
Because Colleen is a physical therapist, I didn’t worry about hurting myself as I tried to go to the next level of fitness. She taught me the correct way to do the exercises that I thought I already knew.
— Lori
Jack. I just can’t say how much I love this dog! I look forward to my appointments as much to see him as I do to get better.
— Pete
I could not have asked for better treatment and care. May the Great Healer reward you.
— Sr. Irene
I am happy to report that with your assistance, I am able to exercise daily, play golf, and play with my kids without the pain that was bothering me for years! I even successfully completed my basketball season!
— Jim
I’m feeling much better after just 3 sessions with you. Your explanations of stretches made such a difference. I now realize how important the correct technique is for them, and obviously it made a huge difference in my pain. me.
— Scott





I really needed an exercise program that helped me build strength while increasing my cardio capacity. As a CPA, my tax season demands a lot of physical and emotional stamina. The Mrowka Physical Therapy Cardio Blast program gave me the energy I needed to survive the season! I especially appreciated the professional strength training instruction from Colleen Mrowka that allowed me to strengthen my various muscle groups in a safe, productive manner. Any physical injury would have been devastating to my business during this time.
— Linda, CPA
Your examination was so much more detailed than the one we got at the emergency care center...and your assessment was much more accurate. Thank you is an understatement.
— Heather, mother of injured athlete