Personal Training

"A majority of injuries seen in Physical Therapy practice could have been prevented by proper exercise technique. "

We will teach you the correct way to exercise.

Our Personal Training Programs are geared to help you meet your physical fitness goals - whatever they may be. Equipped with the latest in education, tools and techniques, we implement programs that are appropriate for you and your body, not just the latest trend.  We create a progressive and effective exercise plan that will help you reach your fitness or training goals safely, without injury.

But we don’t stop, or even start, there. The experience begins with you. Our personal trainers come ready to inspire, and based on your individual needs, will design a program to motivate you to go above and beyond your goals. We build relationships with our clients so they succeed in achieving long-term, life-changing results.

Physical Therapists are Experts in the science of preserving, restoring, and improving human function.

Colleen Mrowka, PT, DPT has a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology, a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, post-graduate certification in Sports Medicine, and more than 28 years clinical experience in preventing and rehabilitating injured athletes. 
Who could be more qualified to meet your personal training needs?