Developed by Colleen Mrowka, PT, MSHP, DPT

CardioBlast is the Innovative Program you've been looking for 

and it's only available at Mrowka Physical Therapy.

Most trendy exercises gimmicks cause more injuries than they're worth...

Be Smart. Be Safe. Come to The Blast!







  • Cardio Exercise
  • Personal Training
  • Core-stabilization
  • Kick-boxing
  • Spinning
  • Skiing
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Climbing
  • Running

Do Not be intimidated!  CardioBlast is the BEST EXERCISE PROGRAM for people of all fitness levels.

We have the HELIX!

Helix Out performs.jpeg

  All under the guidance & watchful eyes of an Exercise and Injury Prevention Expert!

  • Increase your intensity of exercise

  • Improve Exercise Endurance

  • Lose Weight

  • Tone your Muscles

  •  Increase your energy

  •  Learn the Correct way to Exercise

  • Optimize CORE stabilization

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